How To Manifest Money In 24 Hours

1. Construct a short scene that would imply you have already received the money.

Could be you checking your bank statement and smiling, knowing you have more than enough money. Could be you telling your friends, “Hey, remember when I was so broke I ate ramen for a full month?” (True story.)



2. Place yourself in a comfy position.

Not so comfy that you fall asleep. You want to be in that middle ground, between sleep and wakefulness. Kind of like a trance.  Or just relax, as though you want to meditate.

3. Replay your scene over and over.

Make sure it’s a short scene, so you don’t get distracted! Use all the senses you can, to play back the scene. Make it real. Make it NOW, and HERE. It’s happening now and here, not there and then. Keep that in mind, so you don’t postpone your manifestation.



4. Feel all the emotions.

Feel how you would feel knowing that money is not an issue anymore. Come out of your light trance knowing it is done.

Or fall asleep knowing it is done. If you’re falling asleep, you can repeat “thank you” over and over, holding on to the feeling of having your money already.





5. FORGET about it.

Go about your day. As much as you can. If it comes to mind, and you start to fret, don’t worry. Just remember the feeling you had as you did your scene in your mind.

You can summon that feeling of thankfulness again.

You can do the exercise as many times as you want if you want to feel better. But, it was already done the first time.

Subsequent times are just to help you keep the faith.

So, there you have it. How to manifest money in 24 hours!


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